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Next event:-     Ceri, Mid Wales. 7 / 8 April 2018

Grab all your stuff here.

On the right of this page you will see the links to all the information you need for one of our rounds.

In addition, I have put links to further information which you may find useful.

Details of our next round including location map can be found on our website at:-
Just navigate to the marshals or BCCC pages.

Please use the form on the marshals page to let me know that you will be helping on one of our events.
I will e-mail the stage information together with any further information, the weekend prior to the event.

General information which is relevant to all our events can be found below.
If there any changes to the information below i.e FCD then this will be given in the pre-event information sent out the weekend before the event.

Generic Information

Set up is from 9.00am on Friday and the FCD on Saturday is 10.00am and 9.00am on Sunday.
Please ensure that you are at your post at least 30mins prior to FCD.

Signing on is from 8.30am – 9.15am on Saturday and 7.30am - 8.15am on Sunday.

For this event we are using the MSA Ch 1. The red channel is used by the timekeeper do NOT use this frequency.
CB radios on CH 39 may be used for positive tracking.

Please ensure that you have copies of all paperwork listed in the “must have” section. If you are unable to print out any of the paperwork, then I may have spare copies, just ask.


Wearing a tabard is the easiest way for competitors and the public to recognise that you are an official of the event PLEASE WEAR IT AT ALL TIMES DURING THE EVENT.

Marshals report form.

Please use this to report on any incident that you feel the organisers need to be aware of.i.e. competitors being held, taking short cuts, deliberate damage to arrows and stage furniture.
Please radio this information in and ask if a written report is needed.

Stage damage report

Any damage to the landowners property should be reported, this should include, fences, gates, hedges and trees. This report should show a brief description of the circumstances, the offending car number and the time. This must always be reported at the time to the radio controller and a written report handed in to the course closer.

Check sheet

This sheet is divided into runs. It is not always apparent which run a certain car is on as many will miss a run and catch up later. Normally the radio controller is only going to be interested in the last few car numbers that have passed your location.

Stage location

This will assist you to know the location of all the radio crews and emergency vehicles, please fill it in when the radio check is made.

Emergency telephone numbers.

If you need to leave your car to search for missing competitors and do not have a hand held radio, then two emergency telephone numbers can be used. These phones are manned at all times during an event and are located with the Radio Controller. He will then ensure that assistance (if needed) can be expedited speedily.
07790 047338 (orange)

Footpaths and Bridleways.

These have NOT been closed for the event. Please treat all users with tack and diplomacy.
If possible suggest alternative routes, If “difficulties” are encountered, then radio in for advice.

Red & Yellow Flags

Red flags will not be used on this event.
A yellow flag may be displayed only on the instruction of a senior official or radio controller. When displayed the competitor must stop at that location and not proceed unless instructed by the senior official or radio controller.
The number(s) of all competitive vehicles which have stopped must be noted and relayed to the radio controller.
If you do not have a yellow flag, please see me, I may have a spare.

Live Recovery

There is NO live recovery on this event, NO marshal should attempt to assist a competitor by using his own vehicle without the permission of the radio controller.

Convoy drive around

The competitors will have a drive around in convoy on Saturday at 8.30 am.. The will be done at a non-competitive speed. If you are travelling WD to your post at this time KEEP YOUR RADIO ON and inform control of your location and the route you are taking.

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