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Marshal with Marches.

  Gary Simpson.  Camping at Fishpools Radnor Forest.

As you will see from other pages on this website, Marches run a series of cross country events, mostly in Wales but with excursions to the south of Scotland and the English south coast.

Most of the competitors will be at all rounds, as will the officials and many of the marshals. This creates a family atmosphere and builds the team spirit.

Overnight camping is free however, there may be a small fee at some venues. Many use a caravan but tents and sleeping in cars is preferred by some.
Our events run for two days and finish around mid afternoon on Sunday. If you are only able to help for one day, then you will be made very welcome. A 4x4 is not needed, many of the marshals post are on good gravel roads, however, if you feel the need to get muddy, our Chief Marshal will be happy to find you a suitable spot.

If you have never been to one of our events, then you will be in for a surprise. We have everything, from small buggies to 5 litre 500 hp monsters, just click the link on the right to see some YouTube videos.

2016 saw some radical changes by the MSA in the way events are run. This has created a need for more marshals. We have very few spectators on many of our events, most are friends and relatives of the competitors, however to please the MSA safety delegate we could do with more feet on the ground, preferably radio crews, but for those without a radio we can lend you a PMR or 81mhz radio to keep in touch.

Our events are family friendly, many competitors and marshals bring along wives and children who, if not helping, can explore the glorious countryside of go off for a bit of site seeing or shopping. The evening BBQ's bring together a lot of like minded friends and make the weekend special.

So why not join us, perhaps just try a day and see how much fun it is, just click the buttons on the form below and our Chief Marshal will be in touch.

Just to make life easier, we have set up a page where you can download all the documents you need for our event. The page also gives an over view of how the events are run.
The page for your downloads can be found here

Our Chief Marshal.

Jerry Herbert is a well known and respected name on stage rally's with his callsign Marches 6.
A familiar sight with his silver Suzuki he has done most, if not all tasks on a stage rally, including Stage Commander on WRGB.

One of his first changes he made when becoming Chief Marshal was the the awarding of a small gift to one lucky Marshal on each round.

All signed on marshals working on stage for that round of the Championship could receive £50.00 worth of universal gift vouchers, the winning ticket drawn by that rounds winning competitor.
The competitors generously make a donation at their recce drive round before each round goes live as appreciation of the work you all put in.

For many the fun is in a different type of motorsport with no limits on the size of the engines and many are home built space framed monsters some faster than WRC cars.
That coupled with the social side in the evenings makes the weekend special and a lot more rewarding than stage rally's.

Click on our YouTube logo in the right hand column to see more.

If you are planning on helping, then please let me know, or just fill in the form below.

Would you like to help on our events ?
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Rd 1. Ceri

    Rd 2. Fron

Rd 3. Forrest estate.

    Rd 4. Radnor A

Rd 5. Radnor B

    Rd 6. Walters

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Chief Marshal.

Jerry Herbert.
02920 514114
079899 68992

Useful Downloads.

  Get all your stuff.
Download all the paper work you need on the event.

  Marches Marshals Membership.
Download the form.

  Radio Operators Notes.
A booklet supplied by Jimmy Jones.
This covers the basics through to start and finish radio's

MSA Blue Book 2018.

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2018 BCCC Timetable.

7 - 8 April.
Round 1, Ceri.

12 - 13 May.
Round 2, Fron.

2 - 3 June.
Round 3, Forrest Estate.

21 - 22 July.
Round 4, Radnor A.

8 - 9 September.
Round 5, Radnor B.

27 - 28 October.
Round 6, Walters Arena.