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The Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship.

The Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship.

  Gary Simpson.  Joe Quirk in the Yamaha YXZ1000R.

From England, Scotland and Wales the Marches team brings you the best in Cross Country Motorsport.

Six rounds from the finest venues in the country. Each round brings different challenges to the competitors, from fast gravel runs, muddy cuts through forest fire breaks and the stomach churning MOD tank testing ground.

To provide consistency our courses are laid out by the same team for each round and we have the same medical and recovery teams for when things go wrong.

Timing and results are produced to high standard by MSA National A timekeeper, interim results are posted on the official notice board after each run.
All of the above are supported by our team of marshals many of whom travel to all our events and are in radio contact with our MSA radio controller, this facilitates a quick response to any problems on stage.

Each round is held over two days and will provide about 100 miles of competition. Other than the first and last run of the day, you are free to turn up at the start at any time. This gives you the opportunity to carry out urgent repairs without penalty.

The Location.

Our service areas are usually located near the Start / Finish of the stage. On most events we have large open spaces for service and Rally HQ, water is not normally available on site, so, if you intend washing over the weekend, then, please bring your own bowls, soap and water.

The service area and Rally HQ will be arrowed from the nearest public road. The access map for each venue can be downloaded from this page.

  Gary Simpson.  Paul Mansfield in the Milner R5


Camping is provided free of charge for most venues. You may turn up Friday PM and the site must be cleared by Sunday evening.

Please make sure that you clear your camping area from all litter, mud and tyres we would like to use the site in following years.

The camping area will have a number of toilets and a food bar which will be open all day and late into the night.

The Timetable.

The weekend will start with scruitineering which will take place prior to the first car at 10.00am on Saturday. We expect between 6 and 8 runs before the final run late Saturday afternoon.
The Sunday runs will start at 9.00am. We should see, possibly, 6 runs on Sunday before prizegiving at 3.00pm

  Gary Simpson.  Graham White in the Freelander

Join us.

As with all rounds of the BCCC we welcome entries from clubmen who may join us just for the day or weekend, if you are uncertain about your eligibility, then please check with our Championship Scrutineer, who's details are in the left hand column of this page before arriving.

How to enter.

Entries are welcome from anyone who wants to enter the Clubman event which costs £ TBA for the full weekend. or £ TBA for one day.

To enter the BCCC for the season and enjoy some of the best venues is only £ TBA, most rounds will deliver about 80 - 100 miles of competition, over night camping and the chance to meet up with other competitors.

Please call Championship Secretary Lilian Turley on 01594 810161 or email if you wish to enter the event, or would just like more information.

National A, National B, and Clubmans Welcome.

Alongside the British Cross Country Championship we have a Trophy Class, a Clubmans Class and the Freelander Challenge.
Different classes but same course and the same number of runs.

  Gary Simpson.  John Damrell in the Tornado.

The Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship is a competitive safari comprising of a series of 6 events, each held over two days.

To enter the Championship you will need a National A licence (or above). The Championship is divided up into a number of classes, so if you miss out on the podium positions, there are always class wins to go for.

You will not need a navigator, but can carry a passenger provided they hold a club licence and have signed on with the entries secretary. You may change your passenger thoughout the day if you wish, however the driver must not change.

Your vehicles must pass scrutineering, so please contact our elgibility scrutineer (on the left of this page) if you have any queries.

Drivers must contest a minimum of 5 rounds, the Championship points are calculated from the best 5 of the 6 rounds.

We use control tyres from the list in the MSA "Blue Book", ref; (L) list 5(a) All- Terrain

  Gary Simpson.  Mark Jacques in the Lofthouse Freelander.

The Britpart British Cross Country Trophy. This is open to National B competitors, to qualify you must never have entered a competitive safari at National A or above

The Trophy class runs the same route as the Championship and has the same regulatory requirments.

The Clubmans Class. All competitors must hold an MSA Clubmans or higher grade suitable competition licence valid for this event.

As with the Trophy class the competitors will run the same route and number of runs as the Championship and be subject to the same regulatory requirments.

You may enter just for one day, or, both days of an event. So why not come along to test the water and check out your times against some of the countries best drivers.

The Freelander Challenge. The Freelander Challenge has seperate regulations which may be downloaded from the RHS of this page.

All Freelanders, all the same, only the skills of the driver gets you in the points.

These are production vehicles with just the safety components fitted to comply with the MSA Regulations, so you drive to Tesco's on Friday and Saturday sees you deep in Radnor Forest.

Remember. With all of the above you do not need a navigator, you may carry a passenger, as long as they are a club member and have signed on with our entries secretary. So take your sponsor out, or your mechanic or even the wife. You may also change your passenger during the event.

Our Support Teams.

  Gary Simpson.  Always a welcome sight for those that carelessly park in the undergrowth

 Cam Rescue, a safe pair of hands when things go wrong

Rescue and Recovery.

No event can run without a highly organised team of skilled people to ensure the safety and smooth running of the event.

We take the choice of our Rescue and Recovery teams, very seriously and believe we have the very best available.

Those we have chosen for the 2018 season have been with us for many years and have the skills and vehicles to get to any incident fast and deal with the incident in a highly professional manner.
Graham Hundley our Paramedic, he is supported by Charley Webber and his crew with Cam Rescue.

This year we will be using Marches Recovery on our events, again, Debbie has been with us for many years and has a reputation for extracting casually parked competitors with the minimum of fuss and damage.

All our rescue and recovery crews are equiped with radios which enables them to be in contact with our radio controller and Rally HQ.

Our media reports and photographs.

Gary Simpson, Songasport.

Visit Gary

This year Gary will be repeating the excellent work he did last year in promoting the BCCC.
After a weekend spent on the course he returns home to produce the media reports and pictures for his website, the Marches website, Motoring news and Total Offroad. All e-mailed out on the Sunday evening, or, as in some cases, the early hours of Monday morning.

You can contact Gary by visiting his website, click on his logo

A few words of introduction.

  Gary Simpson.  Poor parking ? ......... we can sort it.

Cross Country Motorsport is the correct way to describe our activities. This phrase has been adopted by our governing body in an effort to differentiate between ourselves and other off road activities.

For many who have not attended our events the erroneous vision is one of winches, chains and landrovers up to their sills, or worse, in mud.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Our top competitors drive vehicles which are in the same price and performance class of WRC cars. They achieve similar speeds and are equally spectacular to watch.

Imagine a forest stage rally with sections where the competitor leaves the gravel track and cuts through a fire break or cuts across the moor to another track and you can understand the appeal that many have for this type of sport.

As in forest stage rallies it is easy to join in without obtaining an overdraft.
Just click on the You Tube logo on the right of this page to see some of our video's.

Our Environmental Responsibility

We are committed to protecting our environment, and have introduced control tyres for the BCCC.
Working with the close co-operation of the Forestry Commission and other landowners we identify routes which will have minimal impact on wildlife and infrastructure.
Our teams will prepare the course prior to an event and clean up afterwards, it is only by engaging in this form of partnership that our sport can continue and that the interests of all groups that use the countryside can be met and satisfied.

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Event Officials.

Clerk of Course.
Jon Aston.
01706 590590

Deputy Clerk of Course.
Selwyn Kendrick.
07768 232696

Deputy Clerk of Course
Terry Day.
07748 465059

Deputy Clerk of Course &
Communications Officer.

Phil Turley.
07530 366114

Chief Marshal.
Jerry Herbert.
02920 514114
079899 68992

Secretary of Meeting.
& Entries Secretary

Lilian Turley
Oakdene, 32 Park Road
Berry Hill, Coleford
Gloucestershire GL16 7QU
01594 810161, 07831 409 639

Eligibility Scrutineer.
Vic Palmer.
0785 077 6247

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Official Photographer.

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2018 BCCC Timetable.

7 - 8 April.
Round 1, Ceri.

12 - 13 May.
Round 2, Fron.

2 - 3 June.
Round 3, Forrest Estate.

21 - 22 July.
Round 4, Radnor A.

8 - 9 September.
Round 5, Radnor B.

27 - 28 October.
Round 6, Walters Arena.