bccc cross country championship
bccc cross country championship
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The Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship.

BCCC Round 3 Forrest Estate,   3 / 4 June.

bccc round winner

First win for Birchall.

BCCC production class
  Gary Simpson.  Rowland takes the Trophy.

*Birchall battles to BCCC win at Forrest Estate*

Justin Birchall won his first BCCC event of the season after a very challenging event at Forrest Estate in South West Scotland.

Martin Gould, winner of the opening two rounds, led early on but his Buxton 4x4 Rivet succumbed to engine problems on the fourth run which handed the lead to Birchall. Despite a blown diff and some punctures Birchall built a lead of 1m 31s over the eight runs of day one with Adrian Marfell in second in his Fouquet Nissan.

There were a further seven runs on day two and Birchall continued to head the leaderboard, his winning margin ending at 1m 40s. Marfell claimed his best BCCC result to date with second.

"I'm very pleased with the result, it was a really tough weekend which was hard on the cars and crews," said Birchall. "After the diff blew we tried a new competition version but that was pulling the car to the side so we ended up using a standard one which wasn't ideal but we did enough to clinch the win."

Lee Mansfield and Ryan Cooke had an event-long battle in their respective Milners with Mansfield eventually taking third and Cooke fourth. Both crews had their share of issues over the weekend with Mansfield surviving a high-speed brush with the scenery and Cooke suffering major clutch problems.

BCCC production class
  Gary Simpson.  Mansfield nets third.

Another pair of drivers enjoying a close fight were Rob Bool and Mark Jacques, Bool bringing his ex-championship winning car home in fifth ahead of Jacques in sixth. Britpart's Paul Myers was seventh, just 20 seconds ahead of the JRG Clio V8 of Steve Smith.

Mike Moran set some quick times in his Lofthouse Evo but problems with the car on day one resulted a maximum which dropped him down the leaderboard. Richard Coleby completed the top ten in his Polaris.

In the BCC Trophy Paul Rowlands took his Can-Am DS to victory ahead of the Insanity Racing Tornado of Jon Damrel.

Pat Masters repeated his round one win in the Freelander Challenge ahead of Team Sheepie's Ian Linford. Ian Morson was third.

2016 BCC Trophy champion Phill Bayliss returned to the BCCC in style with a win in the Clubman category.

Britpart British Cross Country Championship round 3 Top 10 Places

BCCC production class
  Gary Simpson.  Masters victorious in the Freelanders.
1. Justin Birchall/Jonny Koonja (Lofthouse Freelander)01:49:45
2. Adrian Marfell/Paul Bartleman (Fouquet Nissan)01:51:25
3. Lee Mansfield/David Roberts (Milner R5) 01:54:28
4. Ryan Cooke/Darren Cooke (Milner LRM-1)01:55:10
5. Rob Bool/Aaron Burch (AT Indy Challenger)01:58:59
6. Mark Jacques/Adam Nicholson (Lofthouse Freelander)01:59:29
7. Paul Myers/Martin Myers (Land Rover Tornado)02:00:30
8. Steve Smith/John Griffith (JRG Clio V8) 02:00:50
9. Mike Moran/Tony Coid (Lofthouse Evo)02:05:54
10. Richard Coleby (Polaris RZR XP Turbo) 02:09:50

About the BCCC Championship.

Previously known as the BORC, the Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship comprises of six rounds, each round will be run over two days.

Single venues from fast gravel tracks, fields, forests and the wild exposed landscape of England, Scotland and Wales.

Each round will bring the needs for different driver skills, a single stage of between 5 and 10 miles which will be run a number of times over the weekend, typically between 12 and 15.
The championship is open to National A's and B's. As in previous years we are using control tyres from the MSA "Blue Book" list, ref; (L) list 5(a) All- Terrain Tyres. Cars do not need to be road legal.

We will also accept entries from Clubmans, they may enter just for the weekend. This is an ideal way to test the water or to just enjoy a great weekends sport for a small outlay. You will experiance a great atmosphere and enjoy the camaraderie between competitors.

The usual Marches circus will be in attendance and will provide toilets, all day and evening catering together with camping, all of which is usually available from the Friday.

For further details please contact me. For information regarding tyres or other matters relating to vehicles then please contact Vic Palmer our Championship Eligibility Scrutineer on 07850776247

Our Commitment.

Marches 4x4 take great pride in being in the forefront of environmental awareness and our competitive routes are carefully chosen to minimise the impact on the terrain and wildlife.
We take the same care with our rescue and recovery crews and feel we have chosen the best available.
Our marshals are the backbone of all our events and their long hours and dedication in all weathers ensure a safe and enjoyable weekend for everyone.
In addition to attending MSA training days they also attend Marches training weekends where the different demands and skills needed for Cross Country events can be addressed.

Marches 4x4 is a profesional and dedicated team of enthusiasts striving to provide the best cross country motorsport for the benefit of everyone.

Marches 4x4 .... Who Are We ?

Britpart MSA British Cross Country Championship campsite
  Gary Simpson.  The campsite and service at a BCCC round at Baden Hall.

Marches 4x4 Motorsport Management Ltd was set up and founded in 2000 by four dedicated off-road enthusiasts through which to promote and run the MSA British Off Road Championship rounds and to promote motor sport both on and off road.

2001 was the year that Foot & Mouth raged through the Countryside there were no MSA British Off Road Championship rounds that year and so Marches 4x4 held several single venue Festivals around the Country instead.

In 2002 the team organised the MSA British Off Road Championship which consists of 5 rounds, and are as far apart as South Wales and Scotland.
Each round is held over two days and is a single venue event with up to 14 runs.

We hold an annual Championship Awards Dinner which is held in the Midlands and is attended by both competitors and the organising team.

Most of the Marches Team are involved with several other events, and have ran a stage on a number of stage rallies in addition to providing radio control, safety radio crews, course cars, course closing cars, stage commanders, Clerks of the course, event safety officers, setting up stages and marshalling.

Marches 4x4 Motorsport Management Ltd is a non-profit making organisation and we are grateful for the time and assistance from all our team members and volunteers who give freely to promote and develop the sport.


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Contact the Marches Team.
bccc contact

Marches Management.

Selwyn Kendrick

Selwyn Kendrick.
Tel:07768 232696


Phil Turley

Phil Turley.
Tel: 07530 366114

Event Officials.

Clerk of Course.
Roberto Aliperti.
07816 135 238

Deputy Clerk of Course
Terry Day.
07748 465059

Deputy Clerk of Course &
Communications Officer.

Phil Turley.
07530 366114

Chief Marshal.
Jerry Herbert.
02920 514114
079899 68992

Secretary of Meeting.
& Entries Secretary

Lilian Turley
Oakdene, 32 Park Road
Berry Hill, Coleford
Gloucestershire GL16 7QU
01594 810161, 07896 967 443

Eligibility Scrutineer.
Vic Palmer.
0785 077 6247

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2017 BCCC Timetable.

8 - 9 April.
Round 1, Myherin, Tarenig.

13 - 14 May.
Round 2, Radnor Forest.

3 - 4 June.
Round 3, Forest Estate, Scotland

22 - 23 July.
Round 4, Ceri.

9 - 10 September.
Round 5, Bovington South

21 - 22 October.
Round 6, Walters Arena

Motors TV Coverage.

28th April. 20.38hrs.
Round 1, Myherin.

2nd June. 21.13hrs.
Round 2, Radnor.

23rd June. 21.30hrs.
Round 3, Forrest Estate

11th August. 22.14hrs.
Round 4, Ceri.

29th September. 21.48hrs.
Round 5, Bovington

10th November. 21.23hrs
Round 6, Walters Arena